Countdown commences…

Not long before our next excursion starts.  I was just wondering where our hotel was at the moment; it’s currently relocating from the Caribbean and will be arriving for a three day stop over in Southampton before starting the first of its med’ cruises.   Time to start Operation Sail Away!


Easter plans?

Well, the first bank holiday of the year is upon us, with the inevitable queues on the roads as everyone heads off for their favourite holiday destination. Me? I’m staying at home because Sue is working everyday over the holidays. I’ve got plans, but no doubt there are other plans which I’m not yet privvy to which will take precedent.  But if I were going away for the weekend, where would we go?

Coming up, some of our favourite bank holiday suggestions…

Dragging myself into the 20th century…

So, just been watching youtube trying to get a few tips for my forthcoming introduction into the world of vlogging, and there are some really good travel bloggers already out there, and it’s made me think a bit about what I want to achieve – but more on that later.  One thing I did notice is they all talk about their ‘instagram’ photos, and I haven’t a clue what they are on about! Continue reading “Dragging myself into the 20th century…”

Pick of the week: Erik’s bar, Lanzarote.

People watching our facebook page back in February would have come to the conclusion that we spend most of the time on holiday eating!  And in Costa Teguise, a good portion of our food and beverage intake was partaken at Erik’s Cafe Bar, Av. Jablillo. Continue reading “Pick of the week: Erik’s bar, Lanzarote.”