Being a world traveller…

Tonight, I’m writing something slightly off topic, but I feel it warranted as I feel a little frustrated at some posts I’ve read on other social media.  Not aimed at me personally,  but collectively (in my opinion) taking a swipe generally at people writing travel blogs for, basically it seems, being ‘affluent’ enough to be able to undertake their travels with a seemingly limitless budget.

So I feel compelled, for my part at least, to set the record straight.
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Review: Fort D’Auvergne Hotel, Jersey

In July 2017 we took a small break to Jersey in the Channel Islands to celebrate Sue’s mmmthieth birthday.    This trip had been prompted by two reward tickets with Flybe, which we had accumulated on our Flybe credit card (see our credit card post for more information).  But when we came to book our hotel via my favourite website, finding an hotel was a different matter!   After much searching, we came upon this little gem nestled directly on the beach.   Perfect?   Read on. Continue reading “Review: Fort D’Auvergne Hotel, Jersey”

OMG! (Oh Mein Gott!)

When I was a lad I would never miss the Colditz series on TV, and for a long time I have been toying with the idea of visiting this historic place.

A couple of years ago I mentioned this to my mate Joe who lives in the Czech Republic and he was up for it too.  I never thought it would happen after a few abortive attempts, but surprisingly we have finally managed to arrange a date when we are both free! Jet2 flying out, wooden glider on the way home!

Review: Return To the “Indi”

In June 2017, we took our ninth cruise, returning to Royal Caribbean’s Independence Of The Seas for the second time, the first cruise being during its maiden year in 2010.

So the question is, did it live up to expectations the second time around?

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