Review: Holiday Inn Express, Poole.

Well, I seriously considered not writing this post as we are now well and truly committed to using Holiday Inn Express. No doubt people will disagree, but we have used a number of their hotels now, and have found the offering to be consistent in terms of room expectations, room quality, staff quality and value for money (good) and HIE poole was no different in this respect. So what can I add? But then I thought, I’ve written a review for every other HIE we’ve stayed at, why does this group of excellent, hard working staff deserve any less?

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Review: Holiday Inn Express – Southampton West

This is probably more of a mini-review of the hotel; being IHG credit card holders we use Holiday Inn Express a lot now, we get various perks and discounts during our stay (including discounted room rates if you book on the IHG website).

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Thanks for dropping by!


Last updated 6th January 2020:

Rob and Sue’s Journeys and Journals went to press for the first time in 1st November 2016, and since then we have published 161 posts so far (not including this one) and we have had nearly 3000 views by nearly 1500 visitors from 59 countries around the world.

It’s nothing like the 12,500 visitors a year I had when I first started “World Traveller”, but I’m still happy to being visited from so many different places in the world, and who knows?  We may suddenly go viral!

We have also published 20 videos on our YouTube channel “Rob and Sue’s Video diaries” which have so far accumulated a modest 37,500 views…

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Doesn’t time fly!


I’ve always fancied the idea of a world cruise but its not the sort of thing you can do when you’re working, unless you work for the kind of company who allow sabaticals, to do the stuff now that you will probably be too old to properly enjoy in later life.  For us then this remains a retirement dream.  Well, actually, my dream – I wonder if Sue fancies it?  I suppose I should ask her.

So when we first set up our website, As a bit of fun I set up a counter to the day we would eventually set sail, and it read 9.2 years!  Plenty of time to save up.  But look how fast it’s ticking down!   I had better start packing…

Roll out the red carpet!


It’s been months in the making but I can now reveal that we are only days away from releasing our first ever video (or is that “Vlog”?) on our Youtube channel .  It has taken a while to figure out the best way to present the hours and hours of footage, and it’s construction is worthy of a post in it’s own right!  So dust off your tux, slip in to your ballgowns and grab your champagne by the flute because opening night is rapidly approaching!

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