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Last updated 6th January 2020:

Rob and Sue’s Journeys and Journals went to press for the first time in 1st November 2016, and since then we have published 161 posts so far (not including this one) and we have had nearly 3000 views by nearly 1500 visitors from 59 countries around the world.

It’s nothing like the 12,500 visitors a year I had when I first started “World Traveller”, but I’m still happy to being visited from so many different places in the world, and who knows?  We may suddenly go viral!

We have also published 20 videos on our YouTube channel “Rob and Sue’s Video diaries” which have so far accumulated a modest 37,500 views…

webstats jan20-page1

webstats jan20-page2

webstats jan20-page3

webstats jan20-page4

I’ll be updating my stat’s regularly so please drop by again and see how we are doing!

Rob and Sue :   6th January 2020

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