Paradise Lodge Video Review

Hi Everyone!  Well Christmas is fast approaching and our vacation calendar is almost complete for the year. Next year we have many more trips planned; the first is already booked so I hope you’ll keep following our adventures.   But there’s a little time left before we start packing for me to catch up with some missing reviews and videos from this year.

Here is the next offering – our video review of Paradise Lakeside Lodges in Storwood, Yorks to accompany my recent review post of this excellent venue.   I hope you enjoy.  Come back soon!

Rob and Sue’s World Traveller visited Paradise Lodge  in October 2018.

Visit review: Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Germany.

I’m writing this in the September of 2017, the day after my visit to Buchenwald Memorial with my friend Joe.   I have deliberately delayed publishing this review until today, Remembrance Day, the day that we remember the great wars and all the people who have fallen over the years through various conflicts.
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German Adventure Part 3

It’s been a job but I’ve final completed the final part of my adventure in Germany with my friend Joe.   All in all we had a great weekend, packed more in than I had expected and hope we will get to do it again one day.

Thanks for watching and look out for more videos on our youtube channel in the near future.

Next up – I surprise myself on a lakeside lodge holiday and actually catch a fish!


German Adventure Part 2


There’s a distinct benefit from being laid up after knee surgery – plenty of uninterrupted time to finish my video off!

So here is Part 2 of my epic voyage into Germany with my good friend Joe from the Czech Republic.

I hope you enjoy our trip to Colditz castle – Part 3 on it’s way!

– Robert