Thanks for dropping by!


Last updated 6th January 2020:

Rob and Sue’s Journeys and Journals went to press for the first time in 1st November 2016, and since then we have published 161 posts so far (not including this one) and we have had nearly 3000 views by nearly 1500 visitors from 59 countries around the world.

It’s nothing like the 12,500 visitors a year I had when I first started “World Traveller”, but I’m still happy to being visited from so many different places in the world, and who knows?  We may suddenly go viral!

We have also published 20 videos on our YouTube channel “Rob and Sue’s Video diaries” which have so far accumulated a modest 37,500 views…

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Hola! Vuelve pronto!

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Damos la bienvenida a nuestros amigos en México hoy, y creo que sabemos quién ha llamado para visitar nuestro sitio! Fue una visita muy rápida, y realmente esperamos que regrese y tenga una mirada adecuada alrededor. Verdaderamente, sería fantástico si nos dejas un comentario en nuestro sitio. No se olvide de seguirnos en twitter @wtmeuk , o en facebook buscando @worldtravelleruk – entonces usted será capaz de mantenerse al día con todos nuestros últimos mensajes! Te veo pronto ok (Y definitivamente en 2018!)

Los mejores deseos, Rob y Sue, Worldtraveller.


Selamat Datang!

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We are very happy to welcome our first visit from Indonesia today; we are having a really exciting start to 2017 and hopefully our viewer base is going to grow even more over the coming weeks.

Please feel free to comment on any of our posts – we would love to hear from you and get to meet new friends from around the world.


Rob and Sue.