Hi, and thanks you for taking the time to visit our new re-branded website, “Robert and Sue’s Journeys and Journals”.

If you were expecting to see “Rob and Sue’s World Traveller”, then you’ll be please to know that it’s all still here, but we’ve had a bit of an update back in 2020.

The fact is, when I started the original “World Traveller” website back in 2003, I was busy clocking up the air miles with my business, and as a family we were also expanding our horizons if you forgive the pun.

My ‘World Travelling’ sort of peaked in 2012 and then suddenly stopped as my involvement in the overseas side of my career came to an end.  At that point, our
overseas travels were reduced to annual holidays, and the title “World Traveller” became somewhat pretentious seeing as many of our family, friends and colleagues were travelling much more extensively than us.


So we’ve sort of re-prioritised our website to put everything in its rightful place, with our ‘Journeys’ sitting side by side with some new elements which we hope you’ll find interesting.  Especially as we haven’t really decided entirely what they might be yet!

It’s been a bit of a challenge, developing the “Journals” side of the website. Hopefully some of our writings will strike a chord with you as you read on.

Can I suggest you start with “about us” and then roam from there?

Hope to see you back soon,

Best Wishes

Robert and Sue.