Review : Icelandair : March 2022

We’ve been planning our flight to Orlando for over two years, and after a long search through all the available options, we opted for Icelandair. And now we’ve finally taken the flights after two years of waiting, we can tell you what we thought…

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TUI – Result!!! (No, sorry, just kidding)

So, if you’ve been following my TUI blog and tweets you will know that we had some appalling service from TUI during our Ibiza holiday and I felt compelled to complain to them about it.  Yes, me, complain!  It’s unheard of! Continue reading “TUI – Result!!! (No, sorry, just kidding)”

TUI or not TUI, that is the question…

Dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s is inference to someone paying very close attention to the smallest of details.  The irony cannot be overstated in our latest sojourn to Ibiza in the less than capable hands of TUI, who we affectionately remember as Thomsons from years gone past… Continue reading “TUI or not TUI, that is the question…”

Flight review: Jet2 “Stag Special” to Prague.

Three words I would never combine into a sentence – Prague, Friday and Jet 2. Well maybe that’s four words.

I have never felt more uncomfortable as I have today on Jet 2’s LS 667 to Prague.  Read on … Continue reading “Flight review: Jet2 “Stag Special” to Prague.”