Day trip to Dolní…

Dolní Lánov to be precise; another lovely (but short) stay with my friend Joe and his wife Renata, at their beautiful chalet style home in the small village of Dolní Lánov, nestled a few km east of the town of Vrchlabi in the Czech Republic.  And of course their son Tom, who is always a pleasure to talk to.
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Review : Dolni Lanov, Czech Republic

Travelling around the world for my company has been a mixed bag of good and bad moments, but one highlight on every trip has been the really nice people I have met along the way, and the special friendships I have made with many of them.

One person in my mind stands up at the top of my list of overseas friends, and that is my good friend Mr Josef Vodehnal, from the beautiful village of Dolní Lánov in the Czech Republic.

After talking about it for many years, last year I finally managed to make a visit to his home town and experience for myself the stunning scenery he had described every time we met.    This is my account of that visit… Continue reading “Review : Dolni Lanov, Czech Republic”