Photo Lesson 9: Size is important!

Or more specifically size of aperture is.Well done by the way for making it this far.  I have got one last trick up my sleeve that I need to share in order for you to choose the correct camera for you, and to understand how to improve your photo’s by simple adjustments of your camera controls…  Let’s look at aperture magic. Continue reading “Photo Lesson 9: Size is important!”


Reading back through my post “Photo Lesson 8 : Freeze!” I noticed a considerably glaring error, which I’ve had to go back and correct.  I hope this hasn’t confused you too much.

You may also noticed I’ve remained my series Lessons rather than Tips, as I feel that’s more appropriate.   I’m going to continue on with my insight on photography and how to master painting with light, and will put some shorter “Tips” in later to supplement my lessons.

I hope you are finding them useful and mildly enjoyable!



Photo Lesson 8 : Freeze!

Ok, I can see I am either confusing you or boring you to death.   But we are nearly ready to make use of all this background knowledge you have accumulated.  I want to explain how you decide which camera mode is best for your scene, but before I do that there is a couple of other things to do with aperture size and shutter speed that you just HAVE to know.

It’s a uphill slog but we are getting there.  First, lets look at shutter speed. Continue reading “Photo Lesson 8 : Freeze!”

Photo Lesson 7: Feeding the meter

I’m filling in my time between trips by thinking about what makes a good holiday photo, and the first step towards the perfect shot is understanding how images are created, and knowing your camera.   When you take the perfect picture your heart races a little every time you view it.  So, stick with me and I’ll help you get there.

Now, last post we looked at exposure, but didn’t elaborate on how the camera calculates the correct exposure for your scene.  Let’s rectify that oversight now. Continue reading “Photo Lesson 7: Feeding the meter”

Photo Lesson 6: Exposure settings

It has become increasingly obvious to me that to teach nearly 50 years of photography experience is possibly beyond this blog – and there are many other blogs already doing it better than I can.   But what I want to do is ensure you have an understanding of WHY the camera reacts the way it does, depending on the settings you use. Continue reading “Photo Lesson 6: Exposure settings”

Photo Lesson 5: Let there be light.

So today we are going to take a look at our range of available camera’s again, and while they all have a range of different features which you might have to search for to spot, one very important feature that differentiates them is blatantly obvious; can you spot it? Continue reading “Photo Lesson 5: Let there be light.”

Photo Lesson 4: WYSIWYG

Following on from my last post, there is one last aspect of human brain behaviour that is worth knowing about in photography before we get into the nitty gritty.  I’ve borrowed this acronym from website programming – it stands for “What You See Is What You Get”.

But nothing could be further from the truth in photography! Continue reading “Photo Lesson 4: WYSIWYG”

Photo Lesson 2: Seeing is believing

Ok, so this is the point where you want me to rattle off the pro’s and con’s of the aforementioned cameras, but I’m not – Well, not just yet.  You see, this was supposed to be a series of posts designed to help you get the best out of your holiday snaps.  And to do that, there’s some basics that you need to understand. Continue reading “Photo Lesson 2: Seeing is believing”

Photo Lesson 1: Choosing your camera

I’ve been taking photo’s as long as I can recall, and I’ve accumulated over 22,000 images over that time – and probably taken triple that, with many being lost or discarded over the years.  This series of posts aims to help you get the best out of your holiday photos. Continue reading “Photo Lesson 1: Choosing your camera”