About Us

Born and proud to live in the United Kingdom,  holidays have been an essential part of family life for as long as we can remember, and on top of that for many years I (Robert) found myself working abroad in some fascinating places, and meeting some excellent people many of whom have become dear friends – so it seemed to be a good idea to create a website based around our travels.

However, life changes, and work related travel slowed to a crawl, and our own travels have taken a slight backseat while the family has evolved, with weddings and births taking up a lot of our time very recently.

So it seemed logical that our website needed to evolve to, and broaden its outlook to match.

So read on and find out a little about our life and passions, a lot about our travels, and other snippets that we feel may be of interest.

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Or take a stroll though my online art gallery (one of my many pastimes).

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We appreciate any feedback and maybe you can point us in some new directions?

We hope your stay with us is enjoyable, feel free to have a good look around, there is no early checkout here!

Best regards Robert & Sue.