Coming soon: Return to Paradise

It’s been nearly two years but I’ve been hoping to return to Paradise Lake Lodges and have another go at the huge carp in the lake, so here we are again, this time in a bigger lodge with hot tub and with my brother, sister in law and mother in tow. And obviously Sue of course! The site is under new management so stay tuned to see how they compare with our last stay which you can read about here.

TUI – Result!!! (No, sorry, just kidding)

So, if you’ve been following my TUI blog and tweets you will know that we had some appalling service from TUI during our Ibiza holiday and I felt compelled to complain to them about it.  Yes, me, complain!  It’s unheard of! Continue reading “TUI – Result!!! (No, sorry, just kidding)”

YouTube is getting interesting!

Had a pleasant surprise today when I checked my YouTube site.   Firstly the hotel chain where we stayed in Mexico had posted a comment saying they liked my video of our stay and asked if they could use it in their marketing, social media sites and websites… Continue reading “YouTube is getting interesting!”

TUI or not TUI, that is the question…

Dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s is inference to someone paying very close attention to the smallest of details.  The irony cannot be overstated in our latest sojourn to Ibiza in the less than capable hands of TUI, who we affectionately remember as Thomsons from years gone past… Continue reading “TUI or not TUI, that is the question…”

Best laid plans…

So, Ibiza is apparently well known for its beautiful sunsets. Now I don’t want to burst this particular marketing bubble but I’m fairly sure it will be a similar sunset to the ones in Majorca and Menorca and other nearby locations. Putting that aside, it helps if you are sat on the west coast when it happens (on on the Port side of a cruise ship sailing north). Unfortunately for us, our hotel in Es Cana faces due east so sunsets aren’t its biggest asset. Sunrises on the other hand should be equally awesome… Continue reading “Best laid plans…”