YouTube is getting interesting!

Had a pleasant surprise today when I checked my YouTube site.   Firstly the hotel chain where we stayed in Mexico had posted a comment saying they liked my video of our stay and asked if they could use it in their marketing, social media sites and websites…

I was initially very flattered that a big hotel chain would ask to use my video. Unfortunately they wanted me to sign over exclusive, lifetime full and irreversible rights to the content, with the ability to chop and change it, omit bits as they felt fit, no mention of any credit (in fact I guess they could take out anything that identified the video as one of ours) and all of this completely free of charge!   Cheeky monkeys.  Unfortunately I have spent a fair bit of money on video equipment and software, but more importantly a LOT of time in filming and editing the short video, and it’s supposed to be shown in its entirety.  So, I had to turn them down.  By all means link to it (properly attributed of course), by all means offer to pay for it, offer to buy it off me, but don’t ask for me to give it away.

Secondly, I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find how well my Lanzarote videos are doing, viewer wise.   Part 1 has now received over 5,000 views, which for me is fairly incredible.  Part 2 has had over 2,000 views, while part 3 is approaching 1,000.   Our Mexico video has already had 1,500 views and is attracting quite a few comments and questions.  Which is really nice.

It certainly spurs me on to get cracking on my Harry Potter Studios video – keep watching for more news.

I wonder what else I can do to promote my YouTube channel?  Well, for a start I can plug it again on here – have you visited yet?

Click here to go to our YouTube Channel.


Rob & Sue’s World Traveller.


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