Best laid plans…

So, Ibiza is apparently well known for its beautiful sunsets. Now I don’t want to burst this particular marketing bubble but I’m fairly sure it will be a similar sunset to the ones in Majorca and Menorca and other nearby locations. Putting that aside, it helps if you are sat on the west coast when it happens (on on the Port side of a cruise ship sailing north). Unfortunately for us, our hotel in Es Cana faces due east so sunsets aren’t its biggest asset. Sunrises on the other hand should be equally awesome…

So our plan this morning was to meet on the east facing pool area, conveniently perched on a cliff edge over looking the turquoise waters of the Cala Nova bay, and witness what should be an equally stunning display of nature at its best.

Except it helps to get some fundamental planning out of the way. Like setting your alarm to Ibiza time. Although my phone and watch have automatically moved forward one hour, my iPad has not, hence why the sun was streaming under my curtains this morning at 6.10. No, make that 7.10. Never mind I have 10 minutes to get to the pool. Except the hotel locks it’s doors to the garden and pool until 8 a.m. Must have a word with their H&S manager. Not to be outdone, I ran out of the front door of the hotel with only minutes to spare, and found a tiny gap in the wall where I could get the same view over the pool. Except there is a thick bank of cloud on the horizon so no startling sunrise today. Back in my room, I decide to sit out on my South facing balcony, just in time to witness the morning sun rising over the bank of cloud, just in view down the side of the hotel. Mission accomplished.

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