Review: Norwegian Airlines


I’m always a bit cautious when using a new budget airline, but in this case I needn’t have been.  Flying to Arrecife from Gatwick with Norwegian has been a pleasure.

To start with the ground staff at checkin were very helpful, and that part of our trip was done with ease. Bags dropped off and time for a coffee before Gatwick special assistance wheeled sue down to the gate where we were put on first. Plus they had allocated 1d and 1e free of charge.

Their planes look fairly new, this one being a 737-800 with the slim seat design.  Unlike some others these do not seem too hard, with a nice leather finish. Row 1 is divine with lots of leg space.

The staff were friendly and although we didn’t partake, their menu for on board food and drink seemed reasonable.

The best thing for a geek like me is their free wifi. And a very good speed it is too!

So, from row 1, somewhere over Portugal, I can definitely recommend Norwegian Airlines. We will have no hesitation next time we fly!


Robert and Sue’s World Traveller

Rob and sue’s World Traveller flew with Norwegian Airlines in February 2017.


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