Merry Christmas from Rob & Sue


We are all full of good intentions, but often don’t live up to our own expectations and promises…

I promised my followers a list of up and coming posts, but unfortunately due to an unexpected three week business trip and a very sad bereavement just prior to the festivities starting, I had to postpone the promised updates.

But now Christmas is upon us, the happy chaos of family and friends descending for the big day has now passed, and Sue at least is straight back to work beavering hard to pay for our next travels.

So, sat twiddling my thumbs having done all my chores (well not so many of them but Sue has been very lenient and only given me a tiny list) I thought this is the perfect opportunity to start catching up and get back on track.

So look out for more posts in the next few days but until then, on behalf of myself and my better half Sue, may we belatedly wish you a very merry Christmas.


Rob & Sue’s World Traveller.




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