What makes you ‘brand’ loyal? (3)

Ok, well this is probably the easiest and shortest post of the series.

My final suggested reason why you don’t change brands is just pure idleness!

Let’s face it, once you’ve found something that works, why change?

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it right?

Well, thinking about my last two posts I think I’ve covered most of the reasons for staying with a brand, and given good reasons for at least considering others.

Being content is one thing, but seriously, you owe it to yourself to at least have a sniff round.    I know people who go to the same resort every year.  But you could at least go for a walk in the viscinity of your hotel and check out the neighbouring accommodation.

A positive benefit of my favourite holiday type (cruising) in pulling up every day at a different place and checking it out.   For instance, we have visited Malaga twice now and we are totally committed to giving this destination more than a single day in one of our up and coming holidays.

And if you are financially astute, it does no harm in checking out the opposition – you might get the same location at a cheaper price if you shop around or even book direct.   Or you might find an All Inclusive price cheaper than your half board at the hotel next door.

Reading the travel pages of the big papers on a Saturday can be quite revealing when comparing prices, and we’ve often used them to beat down the price in our local agent.

It doesn’t take that long to have a browse on the internet, so I would simply finish by saying “Don’t be complacent, get off your backside and check out the competition!


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