An apology of sorts…

I’ve been reading up on what makes a good travel blog, and two things have emerged…

One, I’ve got to travel a lot.  Like weekly.  The people with the best blogs have talked companies into funding their travels around the world, and they make a living on it.

I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s going to happen.  While I’m hoping that my blog will get popular enough to warrant the odd discounted invitation or freebie, I’m not in a position just yet to jack in my day job and pursue this as a career.   And I’m sure that my interest would wane if I turn this into a chore.

What I do promise is that I will give a fair, informative and hopefully humourous account of our travels, as we take them.  But it won’t be a daily or weekly post!

Two, to keep my readers engaged on a daily basis.  Now, I can see that in some circumstances that would be appropriate – if for instance I’m blogging about my daily life.  But if I attempt to post EVERY day just to keep you coming back, then I’m going to quickly run out of topics and start writing dross.   I don’t want that either.  I’m hoping that when you get the “ping” that I’ve posted (assuming you are following me on here, facebook or twitter) then you will know that it will be something new, something in depth and something of interest and worthy of your time.  Not another brief meanignless snippet just to keep your tastebuds whetted.

I mean, there is every chance you will stop coming to this blog if when you get here it is just full of meaningless drivel.

So again, I apologise if there are lags between my posts.  It’s intentional.

I hope you will come back often, and enjoy the quality rather than quantity.


Rob & Sue, World Traveller.

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