Dragging myself into the 20th century…

So, just been watching youtube trying to get a few tips for my forthcoming introduction into the world of vlogging, and there are some really good travel bloggers already out there, and it’s made me think a bit about what I want to achieve – but more on that later.  One thing I did notice is they all talk about their ‘instagram’ photos, and I haven’t a clue what they are on about!

I know my own daughters use it regularly but up until now I’ve steered clear – just one more thing to fill up my valuable time.

But, if I’m going to be a professional blogger like the rest of them, perhaps I need to add this particular app to my arsenal!

So, if anyone has any words of wisdom, feel free to drop me a note either on here or at our facebook page.

Now – Pinterest.  What is THAT all about???

Soon,  Robert.

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