Another great family holiday!

It is always nice to go on holiday with family but what I do like is those little pre- and post-holiday moments that add to the excitement and satisfaction.

On this occasion we stayed over the night before, had a nice meal in the local pub, spent the night watching Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 and then had a great shopping day in Southampton before joining our ship.

It was really special to spend that little extra time, and I really enjoyed having some male company instead of being surrounded by women, as has been the case for years.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday and I’m hoping that the rest of the family, my wife, mother and daughters as well as our new first time cruisers, enjoyed it too, and maybe one day will join us again.  Thanks to all for making a really special time.

Disappointed we didn’t pull off the engagement scam though – that banner cost me 99p!

Photos have started appearing on Rob and Sue’s Worldtraveller facebook page. and the video will be (eventually) posted on our youtube channel – but that’s a while down the road.

So why not join me and explore our ship and vacation ports of call first hand ?


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