Coming soon : Cruise Review. Or maybe not.

What? Another cruise review?  Yawnnnnnnn….

I’ve considered how I’m going to write this latest review and have decided on the intriguing concept of not writing one at all!


Let’s face it, you can find hundreds of reviews online if you want a boring step by step,deck by deck detailed description of the ship.  There isn’t much need for me to repeat that.   Likewise, my upcoming cruise “vlog” hopefully takes a different approach from the standard ship tour you can find on YouTube.  You will have to wait for that a little longer; editing facilities were a little basic on board and I’ve had to wait until I got home to make a start.

I started writing the review on day four of our cruise from the sunny sheltered balcony of our stateroom, where I was able to write my thoughts while maintaining a watchful eye over any marine life that may pass by the starboard side. – but after that I was enjoying the holiday way too much to actually write about it!  I guess blogging has to takes its place in the priority list.

So, keep an eye out for my latest chapter in our world travelling adventure, and if you want to see more about our latest adventure, be sure to keep checking YouTube for our 2017 blockbuster “INDEPENDENCE DiArY”  – (Did you see what I did there?)

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