It’s video Jim, but not as we know it…

Apologies but we are experiencing technical difficulties!technical.

Over the past two weeks I have taken Gb’s maybe Tb’s, of high quality HD and 4K video on my latest cruise with the sole intention of creating my first video blog on our youtube channel.

And having transferred said high quality video files from SD to PC to NAS, I am now totally like – stuck.

The sheer size of the files, and the number of them is tremendous.  Out of this world even.  I feel dreadfully overwhelmed and underpowered for this latest project.

It’s taking ages just to get them off the cards and into mass storage.

My poor laptop, which worked fine with video from my phone, has stalled just trying to cache the huge files in order for me to even start trimming them down into usable chunks of footage.

In fact I’ve just had, first time ever, a blue screen of death!  How can I continue?

I need a new PC!  I  need gigabit hardwired connections between my laptop and NAS –
wifi just can’t hack it.  And I probably need to rent a warehouse to house it in!


“Welcome to SC world – Supercomputer?  Yes no problem.  Can we interest you in three year cover?”

And I’m generating enough heat from the processor to keep a small village warm through winter. So blame me for the current heatwave.

Do all bloggers really have hi-spec video processing equipment at their disposal, or do they not try to attempt what I’ve just done and film everything from their iphone?

trek4“Data, what about trying to convert it to mp4?”

Should I use a file convertor to just drop all the video clips down to a minute pixelated resolution which my laptop can handle?  Or go out and spend thousands on an Apple?

I’ve got so many files that need splitting, cropping, editing, adjusting, splicing, that I just can’t see the end of the tunnel.  I need a whole editing crew, and I’m totally dreading the director’s cut!

spock“Captain, the probability of him finishing the video is 14.342334455 trillion to one…”

I calculate that at the rate I’m going, I will have retired before I actually upload the final cut of our cruise – and that’s nine years away!


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