Welcome on board…

Hi and a very warm welcome to Rob and Sue’s Journeys and Journals – I hope you are going to enjoy your stay with us.

Through work and pleasure we have been travelling around the world, near and far, for the last thirty odd years, and we thought it would be nice to share our experiences and travelling tips with other like minded adventurers.

This is not the first time for World Traveller – well before blogs became a popular pastime, I had created the World Traveller website as a kind of journal of my work related adventures, and also to showcase my pieces of art which have been inspired by sights along the way. At it’s height in the early 90’s it had won numerous web design awards and had over 12,500 hits per month.  I’m hoping to at least match that here!

By the way if artwork is your thing, you could also visit my gallery page where you can mull over some original works in oils, watercolours and acrylics.

But for now, sit back and let us transport you to some of our favourite destinations.

Doors to automatic and cross check.


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