Calling all frequent flyers

I’m calling on all my international flying fraternity to chip in their opinions on what they consider to be a) The best airline they’ve flown, and b) the best airport they’ve passed through.

I’ll kick this off with my options:

Best airline : this might not be the best airline, but it is the best that I have experienced so far, and that would be Qatar airlines.   The business class seats on their connection from Manchester to Singapore via Doha where unbelievable – an amazing amount of room, and excellent service from the flight attendants.  Plus as a bonus, the best dedicated Business Class Terminal (yes, a special terminal just for first and business class customers) that I have ever seen!dsc_9455

Rob & Sue enjoying Qatar Business Class for their trip to Malaysia

I’ve walked through the business class cabins on BA on our flights to Mexico, and to be honest they look like they are 20 years behind in terms of room and comfort.   I’m also getting a little worried at the trend to have zigzag style single ‘pod’ type arrangements, which no doubt squeeze more people into business,  but I think may give a very claustrophobic feel to the seats – and how do couples go on?  Are they physically separated for the whole flight?

We’ve had a peek at Virgin’s new layout and I can’t say I’m impressed, and I’m not sure about Qatar’s latest offering either.  What do you think?

Virgin Business – Reminds me of a bee hive?

Image result for qatar business class

Qatar Business Class – Couple friendly?

Best airport

There are a lot of nice airports out there, but so far my three favourites are:

Doha, Qatar – Business Terminal

Changi, Singapore

Schipol, Netherlands

And in the UK, I like Heathrow ( I think due to childhood memories), we both like Gatwick but it’s too far to drive, Manchester is OK as is Birmingham, which is our local airport of choice.  East Midlands is just AWFUL these days, but pride of place for airport hell has to go to London Stansted.   What a cattle market that is!

We would love to hear your views and opinions!

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