Review: Holiday Inn Express, Poole.

Well, I seriously considered not writing this post as we are now well and truly committed to using Holiday Inn Express. No doubt people will disagree, but we have used a number of their hotels now, and have found the offering to be consistent in terms of room expectations, room quality, staff quality and value for money (good) and HIE poole was no different in this respect. So what can I add? But then I thought, I’ve written a review for every other HIE we’ve stayed at, why does this group of excellent, hard working staff deserve any less?

So, faultless check-in, room, evening meal (the chilli was devine), and although it was a bit sombre as the westminster bridge attack happened during our stay, nevertheless the hotel staff were as bright and cheerful as every other establishment we’ve stayed in. We were primarily going to Bournemouth but all the hotels there were ridiculously high and when we decided to look further a field, we were happy to spot the HIE Poole just down the road – approx 4 miles if I remember rightly. It’s still higher than the normal HIE rate, but considerably cheaper than other local hotels, so I suppose for the area it’s good value – it’s all relative. We were going to see Jane McDonald in Bournemouth and we had forgotten our tickets – the HIE staff kindly let me email the confirmation to them and printed them out while we waited. Can’t fault the service. Caught a glimpse of a celebrity checking out too; unfortunately wasn’t the highlight of our day as he was being rather rude to the desk staff – wonder why they think they have the right to talk to people like that?

Only slight downside is having to pay for parking (but then you pay for parking EVERYWHERE in Poole and Bournemouth) and it is slightly difficult to access from the ring road into Poole until you get the hang of it.

It’s tucked outside the town in a quiet location. Has a train line next to it and we faced the flyover into town, but neither caused any kind of disturbance for us during our two night stay.

Shopping centre right next door if that’s your thing, within walking distance and with a good sized car park next door if you feel the need to take the car. Poole town Quay and Sandbanks within easy drive. If you thought you had seen “Rich”, drive down Sandbanks Rd and see some of the mansions, that will open your eyes a bit!

Good job HIE Poole; maintaining the group’s high standards, keep up the good work.


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