Review: Holiday Inn Express – Southampton West

This is probably more of a mini-review of the hotel; being IHG credit card holders we use Holiday Inn Express a lot now, we get various perks and discounts during our stay (including discounted room rates if you book on the IHG website).

I can say for definite that none of the normal hotel booking websites had rates cheaper thand the IHG member’s rate so there is definitely a benefit to be had from holding the credit card.

It’s also fair to say that even if we weren’t members, we now know that Holiday Inn Express offer premium accomodation at near budget prices, and are consistently good quality across the chain, so I would be using them anyway.

HIE Southampton West is just outside the city, just off the last junction of the M271 (or first if you are heading North up the motorway out of Southampton) and is the last stop prior to the roundabout where you turn left on the A33 towards West Quay and the Docks. I mention this only as those who are regular cruisers and know that last stretch of road well, over the Redbridge Flyover, will know it’s not very far from the dock gates. So when we stayed down the night before our cruise in May, we decided to stay here. Why? well, like I said it was only 10-15 mins drive to the docks, and although we normally stay at the Grand Harbour, the prices for the night there and also at the adjacent Holiday Inn were astronomical by comparison to the express just down the road – some £100 more than what we paid for the rooms at HIE.   I’m sure they hike their prices when theire’s a cruise leaving the next day.  And let’s face it, although Holiday Inn and Grand Harbour are directly adjacent to City Cruise Terminal, if you are parking your car at the terminal, is there really a lot of advantage in paying a hundred quid more to save that 10-15 min drive?

Back to the HIE Southampton West, it’s nicely situated just off the motorway, easy enough to navigate to, quiet at night and adjacent to the Walnut Tree Farm pub which do excellent meals, although not surprisingly it gets quite full.

We drove down into the town centre for the evening to visit Cineworld so it’s not at all out of the way.

Room quality was excellent, although I have yet to go in a Holiday Inn Express that I have found lacking; the staff were very friendly and helpful, and breakfast was perfectly acceptable; of course it would be better if there were not other guests who consider themselves to have some sort of priority when it comes to pushing in the toaster queue or getting coffee from one of the machines – wait your turn, ignorant gits! Get some manners.

I’m quite hooked on Holiday Inn Express now, and always look to see if there is one close to where we are staying as they tend to be good value, we know what to expect when we arrive and as of yet, we are yet to be disappointed.

Well done to the staff for a very nice and uncomplicated stay prior to our holiday commencing.



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