Do you roll or fold?

You know what I’m talking about right?

You’ve got two cases worth of clothes to fit in one suitcase, and the wife is stood over you sternly making sure you’re not going to crease her freshly ironed garments.

And it just doesn’t matter how you organise them – the collars, the waistbands, they all make what should be a simple task of lamination a real pain, as one side of the case rises up higher than the other, or you get left with bulges or voids.

And of course you just can’t fit it all in, especially with the new 15Kg limits being imposed.

I know from bitter experience that regardless how careful we are, the clothes are coming out of the case with creases (I’m not talking crumpled, but enough to make you start looking for the ironing board in your hotel room)

But many of my friends advocate the rolling method, which allegedly stops the creases and saves room in the case.  I can’t see it myself, as cylinders cannot fit together without leaving voids, and of course rolled clothes won’t stay in perfect cylindrical form, but will squash into rectangular blocks with rounded corners.

Having said all that, I think it’s worth testing the theory out so if the powers that be (or more correctly, the powers that iron) allow me to roll up her freshly pressed trousers and blouses, then I’m going to have a go on this next trip out.

What do you think?  Is there a particular method that should be employed to roll and pack your clothes allowing them to come back out of the case like they are straight off the ironing board?

If so, drop me a line so I can employ this radical solution as I cram our 20Kg of clothes into our 10Kg hand luggage!




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